Associació Ictus Girona

We guide and provide support to people who have suffered from a stroke and also to their environment, with the aim of improving the quality of life of those affected.

+34 655 874 571

Centre Cívic Barri Vell, Mercadal

C/ Cort Reial nº7 (Girona 17004)

Associació Catalana per al Parkinson

Located at Santa Caterina Hospital in Salt – C/ Dr. Castany, s/n, Salt (Girona), offers the following specialized therapies: physiotherapy, speech therapy and psychology.

The opening times are on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm. An appointment has to be made in advance at +34 664 326 125 or at

Programa Abric per l’ictus

After a stroke you are not alone.

ABRIC is a free program created by Fundació Ictus, to give advice to those who have suffered a stroke and need someone to guide them through the recovery process. It is also addressed to the family, caregivers, and friends. ABRIC has the support from the patients associations in Catalonia.

Fundació Esclerosis Múltiple a Girona

Fundació Esclerosi Múltiple was born in 1989 in Barcelona and is a private non-profit organization. The foundation works to stop the impact of the disease on the lives of people with multiple sclerosis and their environment. In Girona you will find them at:

Santa Caterina Hospital

C/ Dr. Castany s/n 17190 Salt



Phone number: 902 11 30 24


It is a non-profit association, formed by current and former students from the University of Girona (UDG), and other people aware of the reality some less fortunate people are facing. They are united to make changes and to make society aware of their reality.

Sirius Girona

Sirius aims to inform and advise for FREE on solutions to improve the autonomy of people with functional limitations.


Gemma Oliver – Occupational Therapist

972 64 78 31

Carrer Empúries, 31 baixos

17005 Girona

DIXIT Centre de Documentació de Serveis Socials

Aimed at social service professionals to promote the management and dissemination of knowledge in the field of social welfare, citizenship rights and the promotion of personal autonomy and dependency.

DIXIT Girona:
Address: Bernat Boades, 68. 17005. Girona.
Phone number: 972 106 122
Email address:

Mano Zurda

An online store that offers items for left-handers, for people who can only use their left hand and people who have difficulty moving in one hand (right or left) and can benefit from appropriate tools, such as self-opening scissors.

The payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer, or by COD.

Bajo Coste

An online portal that promotes low-cost technology by sharing ideas. Adaptations are user-made and open-access.

Xarxa d’itineraris saludables i Parcs urbans de salut

These are facilities located outdoors, in public spaces, open 24 hours a day, the 365 days of the year. They are used for moderate physical exercise. The province of Girona has 181 Urban Health Parks and 105 Healthy Itinerary Networks of approximately 10 kilometers each.
They organize sessions to teach people how to use them,. toknow the dates of
the next dynamizations in the Urban Health Parks of Girona you can get in touch with the Gironès County Council.

Contact: Josep Maria Medina (+34) 972 21 32 62